Top prices paid on all metals and cars. Arguably the best in the area.


For an exact price please call



Note: Price are approximate and can vary without notice.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide a pickup service?

Call to find out on 01722 346431 for prices and minimum pickup quantities for metals and cars. Note: we DO NOT collect or pay for single items including fridges, washers, etc. unless you bring them to site yourself where we can make you an offer.


Do you buy old cars and vans?

We buy all makes, models and ages of car. Contact us for prices.


Are there minimum amounts for buying and selling?

We buy any amount! From 1Kg upwards, we deal in tonnage also.


Do you offer discount for bulk?

Prices can be improved for large quantities, please call on the day or visit us on site.


Do you buy and sell plastics for recycling?

No we mainly deal in metals, cables and cars or similar and general scrap


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